Tariff Charges

Schedule of Charges amended with effect from 8 April 2015

Serial# Services Amount
1 Rescheduling/transfer charges RO 10/-
2 Balance confirmation No charges for one confirmation in a year. Additional confirmations will be charged RO 5/-
3 Release letters (first time) Free
4 Duplicate release letters, foreclosure quotations, etc. RO 5/-
5 No due certificates RO 5/-
6 Cheque return charges RO 10/-
7 Penal/Overdue interest (Rate of interest on loan +2%) p.a.
8 Life insurance premium 0.25% per annum of finance amount
9 Replacement of cheques RO 5/-
10 Changes to mulkiya RO 5/- plus a refundable deposit of RO 100/-
11 Processing fee Upto 1% of the finance amount
12 Not to deposit cheque (NTD) charges RO 5/- plus penal interest @(rate of interest on loan + 2%)
13 Deal cancellation charges RO 25/- per deal
14 Withdrawal fee (Debt Factoring) RO 2.500 per withdrawal
15 Court fees Actual amount paid to the Court
16 Lawyer fees Actual amount paid to the Lawyers, limited to the amount decided by the Court
17 Service charges on factoring of invoice Up to 0.50% of gross invoice value
18 Fees towards non-fund based guarantees and letters of credit Up to 2% p.a. plus bank charges
18 Foreclosure charges 1% of the principal amount outstanding

Reviewed and signed by Members of the Management Committee on 07/04/2015