Supporting Victims of Cyclone Shaheen



After the devastating effects from cyclone Shaheen earlier in October and the destructive impact it had on certain areas of the Sultanate that were consumed in the epicentre of the storm, a team of senior management and staff members volunteered to go to impacted areas and help with the clean-up process.

On the 15th and 16th of October, Mr Mahmood Al Subeihi (Head of HR) and Mr Punit Chande (Head of Accounts) along with their staff members and other volunteers from various departments in the organisation travelled to the Al Khabourah region to help affected families rebuild their homes under difficult and adverse conditions. The families expressed great appreciation for the aid they received.

In addition, Muscat Finance provided financial support to several employees of the company whose homes were severely damaged in the disaster, in the hopes they can slowly rebuild their lives.