Management Team

Mr. Ahmed Taqi

Head of ARM and Legal

Ahmed Taqi is MF's Head of ARM & Legal, has over 25 year experience in the field of finance providing corporate finance solutions and performance reporting. His career in the field started at Ministry of Finance, after which he joined Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Oman LNG LLC, National Bank of Oman SAOG, Oman Gas Company SAOC, and Oman Air SAOC. Ahmed joined MF in 2019 delivering a very complicated role of uncovering and recovering unpaid debts in order to protect shareholder’ interests and to deliver business value. Ahmed holds a BA degree in Accounting, Banking, and Financial studies from Al - Yarmouk University (Jordan), MBA from Bedfordshire University (UK), and is CPA (USA – State of Delaware) since 2001.

Ahmed Taqi